Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bad Mummy

I was going to post my birth story today, but then I had a rubbish start to the day and I know in my description of this blog I mentioned that Real Mummies make mistakes. So here's one!

Lily woke at 5 for a feed, earlier than usual (after a last feed at 11.30) but she has been a bit funny with feeds lately. I fed her and returned her to bed, hoping for a good stretch and a sleep in for myself. My husband left for work around 7, moving the monitor next to me so I could easily hear Lily when she woke.

I thought I heard her stirring around 8 and said - just one more hour (remind me to get my iron levels checked! I am very tired feeling at the moment even with decent amounts of sleep). Then went back to sleep.

At 9 I thought - yay! I got my extra hour! Then I realised that the monitor had come unplugged and I couldn't hear Lily through it. But I could, if I tried hard, hear her screaming from her room.

I raced down there straight away to get her up and reassure her, she was so upset! I never leave her to scream and I felt just terrible that she had had to go through that. It took quite a while to calm her down too, poor little bubba.

So we have had lots of cuddles to help her (and me!) feel better and she is now napping - thank goodness she went down without a problem after the horrible start to the day. And she certainly seemed very happy once I settled her after getting her up, so hopefully she won't remember how awful it was when in therapy in 20 years time...

See - Real Mummies do make mistakes! Not the first, won't be the last.

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