Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Sick Days in this Job

Yup. Being a mum means no sick days. Even if you are a working mum and can send your child to the carer, chances are you still have to get them up, dressed and off to the carer before collapsing into bed. Even then you have probably already used all your sickdays taking care of your child when they have picked up yet another bug so you just keep on dragging yourself along to the office.

And if you are a SAHM then you have to suffer through the day with a little one who has no concept of 'not right now, mummy's sick'. Or doesn't understand why mummy has to have a coughing fit after reading every 5 words.

If you have it, this is a good time to draw on the support of friends and family - you get better a lot quicker if you can sleep a little extra, and eating decent regular meals helps too.

But basically, once children are here, you are years away from your next real sick day.

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Mim said...

So very true. I'm always amused when someone (often my mum) says "you really should go to the doctor" because all I can think is he's just going to tell me I have a virus, which I already know, and to rest, which so isn't going to happen!

(here via DUFC at blue milk)